Why requesting anonymously saves money

It does not matter whether you are large or small. By requesting the hotels anonymously, we keep prices low and fair for everyone.


Are you busy booking a meeting or conference in a hotel? Are you shocked by the prices you receive from hotels? Do you work for a company that's known for its high annual turnover? Hotels may have much higher offers than the rooms are actually worth. At Hypermice, we request quotes anonymously to ensure that our customers receive best available price. But why do hotels charge higher rates for wealthier companies?

Wealthy but suspicious

True story: a luxury goods customer requested different hotels. However, they were unable to book any of them due to unexpectedly high costs. They were suspicious and decided to try a new strategy by removing their company name from the request. This change brought them successful results, and the shocking difference was the price. It was a €100 cheaper per night than the original offer. Hotels expect to generate more revenue from these companies; therefore, raising their prices.

With luxury clients, our rates are usually around €100 cheaper per night, only because we request anonymously.

— Ruben Overwijn, Co-Founder, , 2019

Mentioning the industry

High prices are easily remedied by requesting the meeting hotels anonymously. At Hypermice, we only reveal the industry name in which the company operates. We mention the industry because you do not want to have a meeting in the same hotel as your direct competitor. This especially applies to pharmaceutic and tech companies.


Benchmarking prices

The benchmark can be easily made with different hotels. Agencies like Hypermice request various hotels for diverse customers in the same period. Therefore, it is easy to see what prices the competing hotels offer. We can also see the hotel price change for different industry bookings.


Time for an introduction

It differs per request when we reveal the customers name. In one case, after receiving the first offer, or in another case after signing the contract. Additionally, keeping the company name secret is beneficial during negotiations. Although you cannot avoid mentioning the company when a competitor may be present at the hotel.

Do you also run into high rates because you work for a wealthy company? We are happy to help you request a hotel anonymously. Good news! It is completely free. Read here about how we earn money. No worries, we like to be completely transparent about our earnings.

November 18, 2019 — Mark Toonen
Last updated: May 03, 2020

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