Are hotel rates negotiable when booking a meeting?


The offers started to come in after you requested a few hotels for your event, an exciting moment! Your favorite hotel; however, turns out to be over budget, so you have to decline it. But do you? Be aware that the first price that hotels provide you with is definitely not the lowest. In which areas can you negotiate the price?

Room price

Hosting an event abroad? You are probably going to have to stay overnight. In that case, the room rates will be the first thing to look at when negotiating. As the initial offer of the room price is usually not the lowest one hotels might be willing to lower their rates. There have been instances where hotels lowered their room prices more than €100 per night because they considered the event to be a perfect fit. Don’t give up on your favorite meeting space too quickly and let us help you negotiate the room rate.



Start off the next day by having breakfast at the hotel. When receiving a quote, always check whether this is included in the room rate. If that is not the case, negotiate whether breakfast can be included in the price. Breakfasts for hotels are relatively cheap; therefore, they are often willing to make a concession on this.


Day Delegate Rate

The DDR includes the majority of items you will need to host meetings and is charged per person. Expect this to be a fixed rate; therefore, negotiating might be more difficult. However, the exact content differs slightly from venue to venue, which makes it easier to negotiate about. For example, adding an extra round of coffee or a healthy snack without having to pay more.


Meeting rooms

You can always try to negotiate the rates of the meeting rooms. However, other arrangements are possible. You could try asking for upgrades, for instance, extra office space or a free rehearsal room for the speakers. Those smaller meeting spaces may not be rented that day and might come handy during the event. Want to read more about things to keep in mind while booking a meeting room? Read here.



The right layout and table setup support the purpose of a meeting. It makes the participants feel comfortable; therefore, it is as important as the venue itself. However, hotels may ask thousands of euros to get this setup in place. Luckily, there is always room for negotiation here, so do not accept the fee and ask it to be free. Additionally, you might not be able to set up the layout on the day itself because of an early start. In that case, you can always ask if you can prepare it in the evening or the night before, so they will not charge you an extra day. Want to know more about the different setups? You can read about them here.


Food & Beverages

Compared to all of the above you will probably not be able to save much on food and beverages. Prices are usually fixed; therefore, difficult to negotiate. However, if you still want to save costs, you could try to simplify the chosen menu.



Audiovisual and other technologies are well underestimated cost items. Prices may run into tens of thousands of euros; therefore, this is something you should want to save money on. It is important to remember that many hotels already have made deals with technology companies they prefer working with. They receive a commission every time one of their contracted businesses is deployed. However, these AV companies increase the price using a markup system, which makes their rates considerably high. Luckily, many of them are willing to travel with you to you meetings even if they are abroad. Bringing your own AV company might save you money.

At Hypermice we are happy to help you with requesting hotels and all of the associated negotiations, so you do not have to decline the perfect venue for your event. We know how to keep the prices low and fair without having to squeeze the hotels. A good relationship with hotels and customers is beneficial for all of us.

November 21, 2019 — Mark Toonen
Last updated: May 08, 2020

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