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By using technology to refine our process we make your experience as efficient and personal as possible. Digital hospitality is how we call it. We're founded by people coming from both the digital- and hotel industry. For that reason, we use digital to make your live easier when booking a conference or meeting.

The power of digital

New digital businessess are a serious risk to incumbent players (McKinsey). We really believe that, since we’re founded by people from the digital industry, we can provide you with a platform that can deliver the digital hospitality experience. Digital can be used in so many more ways than only an online booking tool. Finding a hotel for a conference or event is a tailored requesting process, which can never be fully automated. We believe that we are innovative in different areas.

Inspired by Airbnb & Uber

We’re inspired by Airbnb and Uber. Companies that completely disrupted and transformed the market. Airbnb has rapidly grown into the biggest hotel chain worldwide, while ‘just’ providing a platform where people can rent out their apartment and go on a holiday for free at the same time. Uber really found the sweet spot in the taxi industry. An industry which was known for their shady rates and bad service. With Uber these problems were solved.

This is also our ambition for the MICE-market (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions). That’s why we called our company Hypermice. Hyper refers to innovative, modern and above-normal. We want to disrupt the MICE-industry, and make sure users feel heard instead of tricked.


Use of new technology

We want to disrupt the market by using new technologies to create digital hospitality for our clients. For the launch we’ve build a solid structure which is ready for unique and innovative features, all to create a unique experience for you.

An example feature that is currently live, is the way how we get to know each other. We call it the ‘Dating Phase’. During this phase, we both have the flexibility to get to know each other via a build-in video call. In case you prefer to have a more old-fashioned phone call, that is also fine. Whatever you want, no worries.

If you compare us with other venue finders in the market, we have the advantage of having a Design & Development team in-house. Every month you can expect new features giving you a digital experience you never encountered before.

Hyper refers to innovative, modern and above-normal. We want to disrupt the MICE-industry, and make sure users feel heard instead of tricked.

— Ruben Overwijn, 2020

Improvement of processes and efficiency

In hotels you also see more and more innovative online features popping up. In a few hotels you don’t have to check-in anymore. You can do this all by just downloading an app and that is enough to check-in and out. No more waiting in queues. This is an example of creating more efficiency in hotels by process improvement.

The same we want to achieve. We want to give you an experience that is so smooth and efficient, you will actually have fun booking a meeting. We already implemented a feature that allows you to schedule the first online video date simply by getting an overview of all available time slots in the agenda of your account manager. With this, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you as well. No worries, when you’re already in contact with one of our account managers, you’ll be automatically assigned to the correct account manager.


We, like no other, know that the personal touch is really important when booking a conference or a meeting. So, no worries, the whole process is still guided by your personal dedicated account manager. And the best thing of all, after you’ve filled in a request via our website, you will receive an invite for our personal chat program (Slack). We believe in short lines, so we prefer to chat together instead of sharing lengthly e-mails. We promise to come back to you always within 5 minutes.

If you have any questions about our innovative strategy, feel free to contact us anytime.

December 28, 2019 — Ruben Overwijn
Last updated: January 05, 2020

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