How being efficient keeps everyone happy

Less, but better. We won't exhaust you with dozens of proposals. Just a few really good ones we actually believe to fit your needs the best.


We believe in a good relationship between us and our clients. But we also strive for a good relationship with the hotels. Good relationships with hotels leads to better rates, faster response times and a better trust-factor. The relationship starts with a high conversion ration. It will not happen if you only confirm one out of 20 requests. What do we do to keep both the hotels and our clients happy?

Video date to understand your wishes

We don’t believe in tons of options and hotels per request. We want to figure out your wishes together. It’s like a first date, we will set up a video call to discover your demands before sending out requests to hotels. During this online date we will ask you a lot of questions to figure out the ideal destination/hotel for you.

Firstly, we want to know the basic information about the meeting. The date, number of participants, number of meeting rooms, basic room setup, dinners, etc. We would also like to know the total budget, if that’s not available, an approximate room rate indication. This helps us to ensure that we don’t request the wrong hotels.

Afterwards, we’d like to know where you’ve been before with this meeting. A lot of groups don’t want to go more than once to the same destination. We will also ask you where you would like to go. Keep in mind that our clients often would like to be in the ‘sun’. The main goal of this video call is to select one, maximum two cities that we will focus on for that request.

We will also provide you examples of hotels in the selected region. Based on your preferences we can tailor your request to style and neighbourhoods you would like to stay in.

After receiving all of this information we will have an internal meeting about your request before sending it to the hotel. Our colleagues have been to a lot of cities throughout Europe and we want to cover all possible hotel options.


We only request a few hotels

We want to keep the hotels and our clients happy. Therefore, we have a policy to only contact a few hotels per request to ensure that the conversion ratio is as high as possible. We know the location, size, rate indication, as well as additional requirements of your group. This allows us to make narrow down the selection of hotels that in our eyes will be the perfect fit. We will never request a lot of cities and hotels because we want to maintain good relationships with our hotels. To illustrate, if we were to request 20 hotels for a group of 500 people for four nights, we would reserve over 40,000 rooms all over Europe out of which only 2,000 will be eventually booked. It means that we have disappointed 19 hotels and have a conversion ratio of only 5%. It’s still high compared to the online conversion rate of individual bookings, but the big difference is, it will not cost anyone time. A meeting proposal can take easily an hour.

Time is money

Besides conversion ratio being a problem, we also want to save time for you, us and the hotels.

Reviewing a hotel proposal can take you quite some time, imagine having to review 20 instead. You will have to spend a lot of time not trusting Hypermice to only give you only the most suitable hotel for your request.

We only request the most suitable hotels for our clients, because it’s also time efficient for us. We always check all of the proposals before sending them to our clients. When we’re requesting only a few hotels, we’re 100% sure that everything in the proposal is correct.

It takes a hotel approximately one hour to generate a handmade proposal for your group. If they were to receive about 100 requests from us per year but they would only confirm five requests, they would spend 95 hours making proposals without confirmation. We want to keep the hotels happy is by ensuring that the confirmation percentage stays as high as possible. The only way to do this is by requesting only a few hotels.

If you have any questions about our way of working, feel free to contact us anytime!

December 28, 2019 — Ruben Overwijn
Last updated: January 05, 2020

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