Top 10 biggest mistakes when booking a meeting

Everybody makes mistakes


Meeting planners can make mistakes while booking conferences or meetings in hotels. The good thing is that you can always learn from them. With experience you can learn smart tricks to avoid making mistakes.

We compiled a list on what you should pay attention to when booking a meeting in a hotel, especially what you should focus on during the negotiation phase and site visits.



Do not trust the photos

Hotels often show only recently renovated hotel rooms on their websites. The same happens during site visits at a potential hotel for your conference or meeting. They will do anything to win a contract. Therefore, in order to see the real picture request to see the smallest and oldest rooms. Be aware that if you are booking for a large group, a half of the group may have to stay in old rooms, while the other will get to enjoy more recently renovated rooms.

Do the prices include taxes and breakfast?

It is a mistake to assume that the prices include tax. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the prices are including or excluding VAT. This can cause disappointment and possibly overrun the project. Additionally, it is also important to check whether breakfast is included in the bedroom price.


Never tell your budget

As a meeting planner or agency, you will often receive a question from a hotel about your budget or the room price that you normally pay. However, if you give away your price hotels will adjust the quotes accordingly. Hypermice is always interested in the desired price per room to make the right selection. However, we will not disclose these prices to hotels, in order to secure the lowest price possible.


Have hotels confirm everything via email

Many people make this mistake. Hotels can make lots of promises over the phone but it is important to have these promises confirmed via email. You can fall back on these confirmations when problems arise if promises are not delivered.


Do not rely entirely on reviews

Reviews are a good indicator when booking private or individual hotel rooms. However, large meetings are completely different. It is important to remember that most hotel reviews are not specified for meetings. Therefore, it is necessary to trust your personal instincts or the experience of agencies.


Check the cancellation fee

Hotels will always exert pressure to have the contract signed as quickly as possible. Before signing the contract it is very important to look over the cancellation fee. For example, maybe when signing the contract the number of participants is not definitive yet. Therefore, ensure that you include a free cancel margin in the contract and that the number of participants can be reduced.

Here are important aspects to consider when reviewing a contract.


Everything can be negotiated

Meeting planners often agree too quickly on a specified price. You should not have bad intentions to jeopardise the relationship with hotels. However, be aware that there are several parts of a meeting that you can negotiate.

Read here about what you can negotiate on!


Distance from airport

Don’t plan a site visit

The biggest mistake on this list is that people do not view the different hotels that have been requested. During site visits you will find out more details. For example, a hotel might be located in a dangerous neighbourhood, preventing the participants from walking in the streets in the evening. If you cannot do site visits, it is advisable to use the expertise of agencies when booking hotels.

Book the right meeting rooms

Mistakes can also occur when booking the right meeting rooms. For example, the ceiling may be too low or pillars dividing the meeting rooms in a way that takes 10 min for an attendee to cross the room.
Read here all about what you should pay attention to when booking the right meeting room.
November 20, 2019 — Ruben Overwijn
Last updated: January 04, 2020

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